Say goodbye to complicated payment processes and hello to seamless automation. Orcus makes it easy to manage all your payments in one place.

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Grow your business with OrcusPay

Time saved

On average, Orcus users save 3 hours per week on payment processing and billing tasks. Let Orcus help you streamline your payment process and free up more time to focus on growing your business.

Increase in cash flow

In just the first month of using Orcus, our users see an average increase of 25% in their cash flow. By automating payments and reducing late payments, Orcus can help you improve your cash flow and keep your business moving forward.

Reduction in payment errors

With Orcus’ advanced payment automation features, our users experience a 50% reduction in payment errors in the first month of use. Let Orcus help you minimize payment errors and improve payment accuracy for your business.

Unlock the power of AI with Orcus

Orcus uses cutting-edge AI technology to automate payment processing, and simplify your payment process.

A new way to approach customer-driven data

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Categorize Customer Data

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Get Insights

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Manage Income

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Features and benefits

Let Orcus do the work for you and free up more time to focus on growing your business with our powerful payment automation features.

Easy set up

Quickly and easily connect your payment gateway and start accepting payments.

Real-time reporting

Get valuable insights into your payment activity with detailed, real-time reports.


Seamlessly integrate with popular ecommerce platforms and accounting software.

What they say about our product

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More Sales Generated

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Gary Hillman

CTO @ GenZ

Frequently asked questions

What is Orcus?

Orcus is a payment automation SaaS that simplifies the payment process for businesses. It allows users to connect their payment gateway, create customized payment pages, and automate their billing and payment processes.

How does Orcus work?

Orcus works by integrating with your existing payment gateway and streamlining your payment process. Users can create customized payment pages, set up recurring payments, and receive detailed reports on their payment activity.

Is Orcus free to use?

Yes, Orcus is free to use.

What payment gateways does Orcus support?

Orcus currently supports bKash, Nagad, Rocket, upay and CellFin.

Can I customize payment pages with Orcus?

Yes, Orcus allows users to create customized payment pages that match their branding.

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